Ready to transform your existing workplace? Connect with Zhoosh commercial interior designers for an office refurbishment, a building refurbishment, or a complete commercial renovation. We provide an excellent fast-track commercial interior design service that revitalises your office environment with minimum disruption to your business.

An office refurbishment is an excellent opportunity to rejuvenate your workspace without the added complications of moving. We take an integrated approach to office refurbishment and commercial interiors by providing the design, planning, and delivery under one roof. This means fewer delays, fewer disruptions to your business with unreliable refurbishment contractors, and cost savings. We take time to get to know your business and its people to find the right solutions for you.

Once we understand how you are currently working, we will develop an effective office refurbishment solution around design and delivery that fits your timeline and budget. Our innovative designers and builders are very experienced in the commercial refurbishment and commercial interior fit outs space and would love to hear from you.

Our project management teams have experience in delivering complex projects like commercial building refurbish projects that often involve live sites and project staging. Once we understand your business operational requirements, our project managers will develop a detailed project staging plan that will set out how we will complete your commercial office refurbishment in the most efficient and least disruptive way to minimise the impact on your business.

Where Does Zhoosh Offer Commercial Fit Outs?

When you’re browsing the internet looking for commercial interior design companies to assist with your next office fitouts project, you may see our name pop up. We are a commercial interior design services provider with offices in Auckland and Christchurch, operating across New Zealand.

How Long Do Office Fitouts Take?

Every project is different, which is why we can’t wait to meet with you and learn about your commercial fit out requirements. Our timeframe can depend on factors such as whether we’re fitting out a new space, refurbishing your current office space, the size of the space, and the methods we use to minimise the impact on your business.

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