We understand commercial interior construction projects don’t always go well, people often end up frustrated at the lack of on-site management, quality control and project delays, however, we also understand that projects don’t have to be stressful, run over budget and take longer than expected.
At Zhoosh we design commercial interiors and then we build them for you. Through project management excellence and construction industry experience we help clients with interior construction, office and retail fit-outs and refurbishments creating modern interiors saving you time, stress and money.

What we do:
• Interior construction.
• Retail store fit-outs/refurbishments.
• Commercial Office Fit-outs.
• Aged care Facility refurbishments.
• Classroom modernisation and refurbishments.
• External building refurbishments and reclads.
• Reroofing projects.
• Interior cosmetic updates i.e carpet, painting lighting etc.