Design Build Construction company


A turnkey construction company is exactly that, it means that as a client you provide initial project input and direction during the project as required but other than that the construction company does the rest.

Many businesses feel frustrated at the end of a construction project, mostly they feel that the project was poorly managed by the construction company which often resulted in time delays and additional expense that they did not budget for.

We understand this and you don’t deserve to partner with a construction company that is disorganised, has poor quality and health & safety management practices. You ought to work with a construction company that really cares about your business and wants to deliver the project outcome on time, within or under budget with no hassles.

At Zhoosh we are a construction company that helps businesses with an efficient and transparent commercial construction solution that practices high-level health and safety management, establishes and maintains project quality registers and provides a zero-hassle client guarantee on every construction project.

Our Construction Services


  • We take care of all design, council consents, engineering, fire designs and code of compliance.
  • The site works, drainage and landscaping.
  • Concrete foundations, carpentry, and structural.
  • Supply and installation of fixtures and fittings.
  • Decorative finishes.
  • Building inspections and sign off.

Design build construction in New Zealand is a relatively new concept, while it is widely done in the residential construction sector it is often overlooked for commercial construction in New Zealand.

There are many benefits to a design build approach however one of the main reason is we genuinely believe our client receives a better project outcome. That is if you choose to partner with the right construction company to build your project.

In construction good design and project management excellence is paramount. As a New Zealand owned and nationwide construction company we make the construction process as simple as possible by managing a network of over 300 quality and regularly audited contractors and a supplier database of 150 New Zealand based suppliers we have wide-ranging access to New Zealand made quality building materials.



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