How Important Is It To Refresh Your Brand?

By Carl Aiau | Jul 24, 2018

In a recent post from the Hotel News Resource that we came across, it speaks about the need to refresh your brand and why you would do it.

Zhoosh help New Zealand hospitality and other people servicing businesses to maintain their brand by providing nationwide branding services.

The stay experience is pivotal to the success of a hotel. To ensure their hotel has a fresh appeal to travelers, hoteliers must consider branding right along with design and marketing. They are like a three-legged stool that serves as the foundation for the guest experience.

Especially with lifestyle brands that appeal to travelers on an emotional level, the concept of regularly refreshing the brand and ensuring it works at every customer touch point – from design and color to nuance and tone – has become a critical part of how hotels and hotel companies do business.

Members of HSMAI’s Marketing Advisory Board recently discussed how they are refreshing their brands and their short- and long-term priorities along the way. What are they thinking about?

It starts with “Why?”

Guests have a multitude of accommodations choices. In this competitive environment, it is important to offer and deliver an authentic experience.

Why do guests choose to stay at your hotel? Why do they want to patronize your brand? For experience-seeking travelers, why should a guest come back after they’ve stayed with you once? Why is your hotel uniquely positioned to deliver what your guests are looking for?

These are critical questions that marketing teams need to answer and incorporate into their brand designs and refreshes. By deliberately delving into the “Whys,” a hotel can refresh their brand story, stay contemporary, and remain appealing, building loyalty and increasing compelling referrals.

Remember the internal audience.

Training employees on the vision and strategy is critical so that the brand can speak to consumers with one voice. There are different stakeholders involved in delivering the brand promise and the message must be aligned throughout the entire guest experience. The bottom line is that the work doesn’t stop with the launching of a new logo. The hard work has just begun. Success depends on the involvement of every employee delivering the brand story and all parts must fit together.

Pay attention to the customer journey.

Training must hone in on the brand promise and how employees can deliver and support it at every step of the guest experience. The basic question every employee, no matter their role or point of service, needs to be able to answer is: “How do you want your customers to feel?”

As important as the personal experience is the online one. Refreshed branding needs to be supported with photos, content, and visual statements.

Differentiate the brand with experiences that bring it to life.

Get away from amenity creep and the tendency of hotels to try to compete on amenities alone. The ultimate brand experience is not about amenities, but the emotional connection and the experience. It does not have to add cost, but does require superior customer service.

Zhoosh was privileged to be part of the recently rebranded Cordis Hotel in Auckland, working with Smudge Digital.

If you’re looking to rebrand or refresh your band, get in contact with Zhoosh to start the process and see what we can do for you.

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