In today’s challenging market with the fast intrusion of the digital world retailers need to be thinking seriously about their brand and its relevance and how it connects to their target market.
Retail is changing, and the consumer behaviour is changing, and retail brands need to stay on top of their game. To do this retail brands need to cut through the noise and provide the customer with an experience which is a far greater thing than just a brand on paper (or wall, car or other media).

Consumers today are more demanding, and their perception of a store is perceived by the look and feel of the store more than the actual products and offering.

We review the need to keep your brand fresh and up to date so that you continue to attract customers and connect with consumers.

How old is your brand?
The key question to ask yourself is how old is your brand and when was it last refreshed? A brand one of the most important things your business has (without a brand you haven’t really got much of a business) needs to be maintained and cared for like any other aspect of your business. As a guide, we recommend that a brand is refreshed every 10 years or more depending on market changes. A company that keeps there brand updated and fresh sends a strong message to its clients that it’s up with the play and is offering the best to its customers. If you haven’t touched your brand in the last 10 years you could defiantly consider a brand refresh.

Is your band consistent?
Another very important thing is to review how consistent your branding is. Across both media and stores, brands are all too often weekend by miss management of the brand and the message is diluted and becomes fuzzy and unclear. If your branding is inconsistent it’s a good time to seriously consider a rebrand or brand refresh to reset your brand and start from a clean slate.

Market & Competitor Review?
How long has it been since you have sat down and stepped outside your normal daily grind and taken a good hard look at what your market is doing, the trends and their buying behaviour? Also, what is your competition up to, what does there branding look like and what’s the message? How similar is it to yours? These are important things and if you find similarity between your message, colours and branding to your competition it may be a good time to think about a rebrand, in today’s market you want to be sept apart and different otherwise your just another me too.