6 Important Elements in Retail Store Design

by zhoosh_admin | May 23, 2022

You might be a competent business owner who knows how to turn a profit and provide an exceptional customer experience, but what about retail store design? Do you know how much of an impact design has and the benefits associated with hiring interior design and build fitout specialists like Zhoosh?

If the time has come to transform your retail store design, there’s no harm in asking for help. Some of the best commercial interior fit-out experts can shed some light on the importance of the following retail store design elements.

Traffic Flow

While your focus might be on making sure you stock products your customers will enjoy, there’s value in ensuring they have easy access to those products in the first place. After all, disorderly aisles can leave customers feeling overwhelmed, cramped, and unsatisfied with their overall shopping experience.

Interior fitout specialists can assist with shelving, rack, and table placement for maximum customer convenience while also prioritising that all-important decompression zone that customers need to get their bearings when entering a business.


Lighting might not seem like an important consideration in retail store design, but it can be crucial for highlighting your products and impressing your customers. The best lighting can assist with good moods and even help eliminate the dark corners of your store that might limit your sales potential.

Natural lighting is one of the best forms to show off your products in all their glory, but you’re not disadvantaged if natural lighting is limited. Retail store design experts can suggest the best artificial lighting to offer the illusion of natural light so that your customers can enjoy the best shopping experience.


How you arrange your displays can significantly impact your customers’ shopping experience. However, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to store layout, and many different options might suit your unique business model.

For example, a forced path layout allows customers to walk a route you’ve predetermined and notice strategically placed products to potentially encourage impulse buys. You have direct control over where your customers walk and can even take advantage of this layout to steer customers towards under-performing goods.

Straight or spine layouts are also a worthwhile consideration for your displays. They are easy to plan and consist of one primary aisle down the middle of your retail store, with aisles running adjacent at various intervals. Such a layout maximises your merchandise display space while providing plenty of walking room.

You might even opt for angular layouts that direct customers to multiple displays or grid layouts that feature in many supermarkets and pharmacies. Retail store design experts can help determine the most effective layout for your space.

Checkout Area

It’s easy to assume that the checkout doesn’t matter as customers are already lined up with goods to buy. However, it’s much easier than you might think to lose a sale if a customer is uncomfortable with their checkout experience.

Avoid overcrowding the space and keep clutter to a minimum so that customers can space themselves out. You might also see the value in a low counter for accessibility, and a selection of impulse buy options to maximise your earning potential.


It’s easy to forget style when you’re busy focusing on functionality. However, you might be able to improve your store image and provide a more memorable shopping experience by prioritising features that reflect your branding.

For example, a sustainably focused store might have more natural materials like bamboo, wood flooring, and plenty of green and natural colours. If you sell luxury goods, high-end materials like chrome and precious metals might also be worth your consideration.

Keep your style consistent throughout the entire store, and your customers can remember their shopping experience for all the right reasons.

Shelving and Racks

The shelving and racks you display your goods on are just as crucial as the high-quality products you’re offering your customers. While you might try to keep costs low by purchasing display shelving you see on sale, it can negatively impact your store’s overall design and feel.

Avoid mismatching displays, which can make a shop look cluttered, and ensure all display tables, shelves, and racks, are consistent in their measurements and materials. You might be amazed at how display consistencies can enhance the professionalism and style of your business.

Leave Retail Store Design to the Experts

As skilled as you are in providing exceptional customer service and products your customers love, that doesn’t mean you have to be an expert in retail store design. Allow interior design and build fitout specialists like Zhoosh to work with you and transform your retail business from ordinary to extraordinary.

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