Best Commercial Fit-out Tips to Boost Retail Sales

by zhoosh_admin | Mar 22, 2022

Every business owner aspires to welcome potential customers into a warm, welcoming, and comfortable environment where they’ll feel encouraged to make purchases. If you believe your shop’s current design and layout are negatively impacting your ability to sell your goods and services, then exploring your options around commercial fit-outs may be something you consider.

However, commercial interiors can be complicated, and you may not have the experience or knowledge to understand how to design the most suitable shop interior for your business or even how one can contribute to increased sales.

Alongside getting expert help from commercial interior design Auckland business Zhoosh, you may also like to consider the following information.

Take Note of Foot Traffic Flow

Before your commercial fit-out project gets underway in earnest, take note of how your current foot traffic flows. Notice which direction customers move in and whether they methodically move from aisle to aisle.

Pay attention to whether they perform any jarring moves, such as having to squeeze past poorly-placed displays or backtrack. Most customers don’t like narrow aisles, so this may be something you factor into your new commercial interior design.

It’s also important to note that most customers in New Zealand shop clockwise due to our traffic patterns, while anti-clockwise may be more common in other countries like the United States.

Prioritise Your Decompression Zone

A decompression zone may not be something you’re familiar with, but it’s a crucial part of any shop. It’s the open space at the entry to a shop for customers to ‘take stock’ of their surroundings before they commence browsing.

Always keep this area clear, even if it seems like the most suitable place for a new product range. Customers might be less likely to buy items and take note of fixtures if they’re in the decompression zone.

Match the Décor to Your Business Values

When you’ve decided to upgrade your commercial interior, you might be thinking about the layout more than the décor. However, putting thought into colours and materials can also be important.

Think about what your business stands for and its values, and allow these to guide your décor choices. For example, nature-inspired and eco-friendly stores may opt for more natural and neutral hues and materials like wood and bamboo.

Don’t Neglect Lighting

While creating a welcoming environment with easy-to-navigate product aisles is important, make sure you pay as much attention to the lighting you plan to install. Fortunately, when you hire commercial interior design Auckland experts, this is something they already consider early on in the project.

Lighting adds to the aesthetics of a business while also luring customers in for a closer look in key areas and around displays. Don’t forget to allow your lighting to reflect the type of products you sell, such as fun or formal. You have plenty of options at your disposal, such as LED light bulbs, spotlights, backlighting, and warm or cool bulbs.

Maintain Free Space

When you have a generous floorplan, it can be tempting to load it up with plenty of products to maximise the value you’re offering your customers. However, this may not work in your favour.

Customers prefer having plenty of space to move between aisles, as well as transitional space as they move from one display to the next. Many customers also like having as much room to move as possible so that they can limit their contact with other customers and have space for strollers and wheelchairs.

Get Expert Help

Transforming your business’s interior can be quite an exciting prospect, especially if you know it’s going to help your customers enjoy a far more memorable shopping experience in your shop. However, it’s not always a project you can handle on your own without prior knowledge.

Why not hire experts who can assist? Commercial fit-out teams can help with all parts of a commercial fit-out – from design to construction and everything in between. They can even work with you to make sure your store can remain open for business, even while significant renovations are taking place.

If you’re unsure what you’re actually looking for, they can offer design advice based on their many years of experience. There’s simply no reason to go through this process on your own.

Enjoy A Fresh New Commercial Interior Today

If you’re tired of a drab and uninviting commercial space that doesn’t encourage people to browse and enjoy your goods, now might be the right time to explore your upgrade options. You may be surprised at how a transformed space can alter your customers’ shopping habits while making you proud to welcome them into your store.

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