Corporate Interior Trends of 2022

by zhoosh_admin | Jan 31, 2022

If a corporate interior upgrade has been on the cards for some time, a new year could be an opportunity to get the ball rolling. You may decide to start thinking about the changes you’d like to make, and even the interior fitout experts in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch, that you can rely on to help with the job, such as Zhoosh.

One of the most challenging parts of starting the commercial interior design process is deciding what you want. While experts can assist with the process, you might also like to see what everyone else is doing. Learn more about some of the most popular corporate interior trends of 2022 below.

Homely Designs

In Aotearoa New Zealand and around the world, working from home has been a common trend in the wake of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. People have been enjoying the comforts of home and, even as they head back to the office, they want to keep some of them.

As a result, it makes sense for homely designs to make their way into the public workspace. Employers are beginning to see the value in comfortable chairs and sofas, soft lighting, and home-like living spaces for creativity and brainstorming.

There has even been a push to incorporate as much homely artwork into workplaces as possible, if not to break up the sterility of cold walls, then to inject some vibrancy and curiosity into the average office building.

Private Areas

It has only been in recent years that employers have decided that they prefer open-plan offices over those with endless cubicles. Open-plan spaces allow for easy communication and team-building while promoting a sense of ‘togetherness’.

However, the open-plan office revolution created one significant problem – a lack of privacy. Business owners re-evaluating their corporate spaces are now looking at hybrid work environments with combinations of open-plan and closed areas to suit everyone’s unique needs. Generally, these consist of small nooks with partition walls and private pods or areas for making phone calls and performing tasks that require complete concentration.

Light Colours

Black and white colour palettes are a recipe for success, and the sharp contrast of these two hues and shades have made businesses appear to be the epitome of professionalism and innovation. However, the tides are turning.

Warmth and neutrality are slowly winning people over, and light colours and natural tones are becoming more prevalent in the business interiors of 2022. It’s now not uncommon to see woods and natural hues used in everything from furniture and flooring to artwork and lighting.

Natural Lighting

Natural lighting has always been a big deal in any corporate space, but it’s proving to be even more so in 2022, especially with many potential health benefits. Natural light can ward off seasonal depression, boost your vitamin D levels, improve sleep, and more.

Some studies even showed that employees exposed to natural light in office buildings experienced an 80%+ reduction in headaches, blurred vision, and eye strain.

As a result, business owners are maximising the use of natural light in their buildings, installing artificial lights that mimic natural lighting, and even relying on diffused lighting to benefit their employees as much as possible.

In buildings under construction, they’re even factoring natural lighting into the design. They can do this by considering the ceiling height, latitude, neighbouring buildings, and building orientation. They are also prioritising natural light in common areas through strategic window placement to ensure as many people as possible can benefit.

More Textures

While mixing several textures may have been an interior design faux-pas in the past, that’s no longer the case. Many building owners are calling on corporate interior design experts to find the recipe for success with different textiles and textures like wood, stone, iron, and soft furnishings.

While everyday business owners may not pull off the right look without expert help, there can be something truly captivating about using as many materials as possible and allowing them to work in harmony.

Wall Coverings

Covering previously blank walls with large, beautiful works of art is commonplace in any workplace, but trends are changing. As we edge further into 2022, those framed art pieces are being swapped for full murals, feature walls and wallpaper, and even panels.

The goal is to incorporate texture, colour, and art to liven up a space while allowing a wall covering to be either a room feature or a divider between two areas.

Update Your Corporate Interior Today

You may know your corporate interior is in dire need of an upgrade, but it’s never easy knowing where to begin. Take note of these top design trends above, and consult the experts, like Zhoosh, to take care of the entire project from start to finish. You may be surprised to learn just how easily your corporate interior can be transformed from ordinary to extraordinary.

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