Is design – build office refurbishments a good idea?

by zhoosh_admin | Jul 3, 2020

Design build office fit out and refurbishenment in Auckland is often not considered as an option by companies when they are planning a new Auckland office fit out or refurbishment.

There are many benefits to a design build office fit out approach however one of the main reasons for offering design build office fit out and refurbishment in Auckland is because we genuinely believe our clients receive a better outcome.

Many times we have be involved with projects of all sizes where we have been presented construction drawings to price from and having submitted out tender we get the feedback form the client that all the project pricing is come in over budget. When this happens you have to think to yourself who was it that set the office fit out or office refurbishment budget? Mostly this happens as a result of an architect’s vision not been aligned with the client’s project budget expectations.

On the other hand, clients are concerned that if they use a design build office fit out company that they will be ripped off and cannot be sure they are getting the best price in the market. This is totally understandable and below is our process that we use to ensure that you get the best design build office fit out project outcome:


With an office fit out and refurbishment ,the design very very important, poor design not only results in a poor functional space it costs money, persons that design buildings with little practical building experiance will more often than not design something that is complicated to build or expensive and had they engaged with a builder or office fit out specialist earlier and got real-life feed back on the best and most efficient methods to construct buildings in NZ they would save the client $1000s of dollars.

Our Design Build Office Fit Out Process:

Step 1 – We engage with our clients early and find out what it is you want and need, we look at your desired outcomes and devlope an initial office fit out or refurbishement client brief.

Step 2 – We then establish a design build office fit out or refurbishment budget. This is where we rely on you to be open and provide as much clarity as possible as to what your budget is and what your willing to spend. By being open and honest we can then design to suit your budget you need to worry about being ripped off as we will put the project out to tender and provide you a firm quote that will get you best market pricing.

Step 3 – We provide initial concept drawings for the design build offiice fit out project, this normally consists of a floor plan, elevations and a 3D render. Along with the concept we provide project budget pricing so you know that the concept is within or under your design build office fit out project budget.

Step 4 – Once we have finalised the concept details we move to working drawings drawings were develop tender drawings and use these plans to put the office fit out project out to tender and obtain the best market pricing.

Step 5 – Once we have the pricing confirmed and contract value agreed we sign a design build office fit out contract; we then request additional drawings needed for consent and lodge the project with the Auckland the council to start the consent application process.

Step 6 – Once the consent is issued, we commence construction.

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