Signs It’s Time to Refurbish Your Commercial Space

by zhoosh_admin | Dec 20, 2021

When you see your own commercial space day in, day out, it can be hard to notice its flaws. Sometimes, it’s not until you see the retail space of a competing business or you’re given an opportunity to refurbish that you come to realise how much in dire need of a facelift it is.

If you’re unsure whether renovating your commercial space is necessary, consider these points below. It may be time to contact an interior fitout professional sooner rather than later.

The Design is Outdated

Your workplace’s design or décor doesn’t have to be in poor condition to no longer be suitable for your workplace. Instead, it can be outdated to the point where it’s affecting your employees, customers, and bottom line.

Progressive work environments are crucial for employee wellbeing and productivity, which means if your workplace décor hasn’t changed for decades, it may be having a negative impact. An outdated design is also one that doesn’t align with your modern work processes and goals or even your everyday operations.

Even more alarming might be the idea that your competition is profiting from your unwelcoming workplace. One of the most telling signs that it’s time to refurbish your commercial space is if your design stands out for all the wrong reasons against your competitors and surrounding businesses.

It’s Not Compatible With Technological Advancements

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, which means the technology you use now will likely be obsolete or no longer the best option in the years to come. Sometimes, that can also mean that the interior layout of your office is no longer suitable based on the most recent technology, even if it suited the technology of the past just fine.

You may soon learn your workplace’s interior is not compatible with technological advancements when you struggle to set up a suitable space for conferencing software. You might not have a free wall for a projector or even a well-lit area with the best acoustics for video calls. A lack of privacy for one-on-one video calls can also be a sure-fire way to know that you may need to look at commercial space refurbishment.

Your Space Requirements Have Changed

How we use our floorplans has significantly changed in recent years. We’ve freed up precious space by transitioning from cumbersome servers to the cloud, and remote workers have seen the need for fewer permanent workstations.

As a result, your current layout may no longer be suitable for your needs. You may want more fluid space to move in, and you may need to redesign your space to suit the number of staff you now have after a decrease or increase in numbers.

Sometimes, how many square metres you have is more than sufficient, but how you’re currently utilising that space isn’t.

Your Commercial Space is Deteriorating

Just as you would see wear and tear in your home with time, you can also see it in commercial spaces. High-traffic areas wear out over time, and paint can peel, become damaged, or fade. You might even notice worn or lifting flooring or furniture that’s no longer safe and doesn’t cater to those with specific ergonomic requirements. Not only is wear and tear an eyesore, but it can also become a health and safety issue with an injury risk in some situations.

There Are Security Issues

Retail stores generally have an abundance of shelving to show off the many beautiful products you have in stock. There is typically no way to get around having shelving, but they can impact the positioning of CCTV cameras and may even contribute to theft.

When you work with expert interior refurbishment teams, they can develop a tailor-made solution that allows you to enjoy as much shelving and product displays as you need, but without negatively impacting your workplace security and customer experience.

You’re Rebranding

It goes without saying that rebranding your business presents a very exciting opportunity to refurbish your commercial space. You can include new colours in your décor, new furniture, and new everything to suit your branding requirements.

Specialist interior fitout companies in Auckland, Christchurch, or anywhere else in NZ can help ensure your new branding works in complete harmony with your commercial business location. With new logos, new designs, and a new interior, it can almost be like you’re a brand new business ready to welcome new clients and customers to see what you have to offer.

Start Looking at Commercial Refurbishment Today

It’s never easy to know when the right time to consider commercial refurbishment will be. However, if you can relate to any of these issues above, now might be the right time to contact Zhoosh to learn more about how to benefit from professional and modern commercial interior fit-outs.

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