What Do Customers Want In a Retail Store?

by zhoosh_admin | Jul 20, 2022

A commercial or retail store’s design doesn’t stay current and relevant forever, and there may come a time when you realise it’s no longer fit for purpose.

While you might have no problem coming to this realisation, the most challenging part is knowing how to create a retail store in which customers will want to visit and spend money. With the help of interior fit-out company Zhoosh and by considering these points below, you might be well on your way to making a decision with confidence.

A Clutter-Free Entrance

When customers first enter a retail store, they don’t want to be bombarded with goods. Instead, they want a clean, clutter-free entrance that lets them get their bearings and think about what they’re there to buy or browse for.

The first 10-15 feet of a store should always be free of products, and in the interior design industry, it’s often referred to as the decompression zone. This zone allows for a seamless transition from an outside environment into an indoors one, with customers being given a chance to adjust to all visual and audio components of your store without feeling overstimulated or harassed.

Natural Lighting

Natural lighting might not seem like a big deal. Why does it matter, as long as your customers can see the products you’re buying? However, it matters more than you might think.

Natural lighting can allow for a much more comfortable shopping experience, encouraging your shoppers to spend more time browsing and less time trying to find the closest exit.

Studies seem to reaffirm this idea. According to a US study by Hescong Mahone, green design elements like natural light and ventilation have the potential to boost profits by up to 40 percent.

If you have limited natural light opportunities, consider the use of light bulbs that mimic natural light as closely as possible. Your chosen retail design store expert can assist with this process.

Plenty of Aisle Space

Many people can be overwhelmed by trips to their local grocery stores. With floor-to-ceiling shelves of goods, there can be so much to see, and making purchasing decisions can be challenging as a result.

In marketing and consumer behaviour studies, there was a link between shelving and customer purchasing behaviour. Customers were less satisfied in shops with narrow aisles and high shelves and more satisfied in shops with wide aisles and low shelves.

If you will be purchasing new display shelves as part of your interior fit-out, take a moment to consider whether low shelves spread further apart might be in your best interests.

A Free-Flow Layout

If you’re an upscale retailer trying to present your store in the most attractive and practical way possible, consider a free-flow layout. This floor plan allows for special focus zones and creative flexibility when you’re displaying new products.

Such a layout also has open sight lines for security purposes and different zones that allow for mini experiences for your customers. Unlike other layouts, there are no dedicated traffic flow options for customers, which means you can encourage shoppers to browse slower and explore your many wares in earnest.

Careful Colour Consideration

Renovating your shop interior can be exciting, especially when you get to play around with different materials and colours to create a look you love. However, it’s crucial to think about your customers’ needs ahead of your own wants and preferences.

Try to stick to your branding colours where possible and avoid adding too many different colours that have the potential to overwhelm your shoppers. You might also see the value in researching colour psychology to learn about what each colour could mean and the feelings they can evoke for shoppers.

Fortunately, when you work with retail store design experts like Zhoosh, they can assist with the entire colour selection process.


According to a 2013 New Zealand Disability Survey, an estimated 24% of New Zealanders, or 1.1 million people, live with a disability. And yet many businesses still don’t prioritise accessibility.

Use your upcoming renovation as an opportunity to promote accessibility for all. Make wide and clear entrances, create plenty of space around displays, and install lowered counters for everyone to access easily.

Clear signs, wheelchair-accessible bathrooms, and keeping noise to a minimum might also be options you consider when trying to welcome all shoppers to your business. You might even like to go one step further by ensuring your website is accessible to people with visual impairments.

Let Zhoosh Take Care of Your Commercial and Retail Interior Design

Creating the perfect retail environment for your customers is challenging when you’re unfamiliar with the wants and needs of your customers. When the time comes to give your commercial space a facelift, talk to the friendly team at Zhoosh about a professional and modern commercial interior fit-out.

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