What to look for when looking for construction companies in Hamilton.

by zhoosh_admin | May 6, 2020

Commercial construction and commercial fit outs are complex and if you are looking for construction companies in Hamilton or a commercial fit out company you want to be certain that the company is good and trustworthy.

Many times, have we heard of someone’s experience when dealing with other construction companies in Hamilton and sadly its often the same story. “The construction project went over budget” “the construction project took longer than expected”, “my construction site was left in a mess” and so the list goes on.

As a construction, commercial fit out and refurbishment company serving Hamilton we understand the frustrations that can be experienced with a commercial construction, commercial fit out or refurbishment project. To help you search for trustworthy construction companies in Hamilton, we have put together a simple guide that will help you identify what to look for when choosing from the best construction companies in Hamilton.


No one likes surprises and no one likes to be kept in the dark. We believe that if you want a successful outcome with any construction project of any size both parties need to be transparent. This doesn’t mean that you bear all to each other, but it simply means that you are open and clear about what it is you want to achieve and why. Below is a list of items we feel that you and your chosen construction or commercial fit out company should be transparent about:

  • Construction program (The construction company provides a realistic project program that reflects the true work require to complete the project, not just some fanciful 3-month time frame that is used to win your heart over in order to secure the contract)
  • Specifications (If an item has be specified and the construction company is able to provide an alternative solution that meets your need for less cost or that will result in a better end user experience, be open and honest and provide the details to the client help them save money or delivery a better product)
  • Costs (Look for construction companies in Hamilton that provide open pricing, this is not to screw the construction company down its to provide you with clarity on what each stage or trade of the project is costing and will allow you as the client to choose between what’s important and what’s not, where you can save and where you can’t).


When choosing from a list of construction companies in Hamilton to work with, there is nothing more important than the project manager and management of the construction company. An in experienced project manager will end up costing you money for the following reasons:

  • They don’t have the experience to save costs through out the project and therefore any cost savings can not be passed onto the client.
  • Inexperience will almost always fail to deliver on time meaning additional storage, rent or lease costs for the client.
  • A bad project manager is normally a poor communicator, little of no communication leads to client frustration and stress which in turn leads to a bad customer experience.
  • If a project manager incapable of running a project successfully its highly likely that his or her health and safety management will be lacking, this could cause project health and safety breaches resulting in fines, delays or worse injury or death.


Some say “why does the construction company I choose have to be well presented” let us explain. Any construction companies in Hamilton that are prepared to invest in their brand and present themselves well is sure sign they can be trusted. They clearly mean businesses and if they have invested, they want to be here to stay. You could argue, I have seen plenty of good looking and well-presented companies fold, that is true but in presentation we mean more than fancy logos and branded vehicles.

Below is our presentation check list for trustworthy construction companies in Hamilton.

  • Do they dress like they mean business? They turn up to you dressed for business not as though the have just been to the local pub or shopping.
  • Do they have quality branding and imagery? This tells a lot about a company do they have a professional brand and photos, or have they copied or pulled images from google.
  • Do they have a professional proposal presentation? This should be well presented on a quality proposal document that is clear to read and broken down for cost clarity.
  • Will they provide you with supporting information with their quote or proposal? If you are going to spend $000s of dollars with any construction companies in Hamilton it is important to know if they are willing to invest a bit in, you. This means when they present the proposal it should be accompanied by plans, specifications, product data sheets etc, this shows that they care, and they are willing to invest a bit of time and money to provide you the best construction, commercial fit out or refurbishment outcome possible.

In conclusion a construction, commercial fit out or refurbishment project big or small is often a large investment and careful consideration needs to be taken when selecting from the many construction companies in Hamilton. At Zhoosh we help business with the design and construction of commercial property, helping our clients save time, money and delivering a true turnkey project delivers great outcomes from our clients.

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