NZ Construction Project Management

One of the most important aspects of any NZ construction project is the ability of the project manager to delivery the user-defined outcomes. Project management is a series of interrelated activities that includes multiple stakeholder groups and delivers an outcome that meets the need of the end-user or client.

At Zhoosh we have professionally trained project managers that understand the relationships between the 3 stakeholder groups the client, suppliers and end-user. We develop a construction project programme that represents the 3 key stakeholder groups and delivers the required outcomes using proven project management principles.  

NZ construction is very complex with the high levels of building code compliance and regulation it is important that you engage a project manager that understand the principles of project management excellence but also the NZ construction building code.


Our Approach to Project Management:

Stage 1 – Start up the project, this is where we establish the project brief and develop the construction management team, we assist the client in developing a business case and confirm our project approach.

Stage 3 – This is the initiation stage, in this phase, we create an accountability document between the project manager and the project board/client, we also develop project registers to capture project risks, quality and issues, we then develop a project plan and refine the business case with the client.

Stage 4 – We then issue project works packages to the required contractors to initiate the construction phase. Contractors are required to provide all health and safety documentation prior to commencing any work on site.

Stage 5 – The construction site is then established and temporary works such as fencing, ablutions etc are set up and health and safety controls are put in place.

Stage 6 – The construction project starts with daily, weekly and monthly monitoring of the construction project progress. Contractor works are inspected and checked against construction plans and specifications, NZ construction project plan is updated and regular weekly project reports are sent to the stakeholders.

Stage 7 – Once the works programme is completed and all construction work has been signed off we start the completion phase of the project which includes defects reports, compiling of final documentation for code of compliance application.

Stage 8 – Hand over, once we are satisfied that the original user outcomes have been met to the required quality levels agreed we hand over the project to the client along with any supplier warranties and documentation.

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