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We completed a stylish fit-out of the flagship Bathroom Life store in Newmarket, Auckland. The project scope involved demolition, construction of new walls, ceilings and partitions, and joinery installation. We also completed the fit-out of a customer design hub and showroom display. We installed a new frameless glass automatic door, a fully functional working shower display.

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Budget: Finishing the project within budget was a big factor for the client.

We were able to provide Reece Plumbing with a very accurate costing breakdown, and the project was completed within budget.

Innovation: As part of the project we were tasked with installing a fully functional shower display unit.

With a little creativity and a dash of ingenuity, we were able to get the display unit up and running.

How can a retail fit-out enhance the customer experience?

A retail fit-out can enhance the customer experience by creating an inviting and visually appealing environment that aligns with the brand identity. It can include attractive displays, comfortable seating areas, well-designed signage, and intuitive store layouts, all of which contribute to a positive and memorable shopping experience.

What does a typical retail fit-out involve?

A typical retail fit-out involves various elements such as space planning, interior design, fixture and furniture installation, lighting design, flooring and wall finishes, electrical and plumbing work, and signage installation. It also includes considerations for customer flow, product placement, branding elements, and creating an overall cohesive and functional space that meets the needs of the retail business.

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