Looking for a contractor that specialises in small commercial building projects?

Many businesses in the property management, real estate, education and retail sector struggle to find quality contractors that will assist them with small to medium size commercial building, refurbishment and fit out projects.

We understand how frustrating it can be to contact numerous contractors and not get a response, we also understand how hard it is to get big time operators (BTOs) to look at small projects, but don’t worry, Zhoosh has your back.

Small Commercial Specalists

Zhoosh is a small team with building industry knowledge and plenty of grunt, we love a challenge and think outside the box to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions to our clients.

We will help you with any small to medium size project, to be really clear that is projects from $1000 – $500,000. We provide a full suite of services from Design, consent management, project management, construction and through to finishing trades and furniture (if required).

With experience and an anti-box thinking approach we help our clients achieve well designed, cost effective and well manged small to medium commercial building, refurbishment and fit out projects.

To be clear, we do anything from a simple repaint of a floor to a full strip out and refurbishment of an office block, toilet block, stairwell, or church facility. If you have a construction related project, regardless of the size we can help you.

With any commercial building, refurbishment or fit out project we want to provide the best result for our clients, how we do this is simple:

  1. We identify your problem.
  2. We design or develop a solution, this could be a complex design and project specification, or it could be a simple one-page document specification, but regardless we will always provide a solution document.
  3. We then get the best pricing from the market and get on and get the job done.

So if you have a need for a reliable, fair priced and well organised commercial building, refurbishment or fit out company, please give us a go we would love to help you with your next project.

Contact James:

E: james.fisher@zhoosh.co.nz

M: 021 242 6057

Contact Simon:

E: simon.carr@zhoosh.co.nz

M: 022 167 9123