The Rebranding Process

By zhoosh_admin | Nov 12, 2019

A Guide on the rebranding process

In today’s challenging market with the fast intrusion of the digital world businesses need to be thinking seriously about their brand and its relevance and how it connects to their target market.

Consumer behaviour is changing, and brands need to stay on top of their game. To do this, brands need to cut through the noise and provide the customer with an experience which is a far greater thing than just a brand on paper (or wall, car or other media).

Consumers today are more demanding, and their perception of a store is perceived by the look and feel of the brand or business more than the actual products and offers.

In this article, we offer a step by step rebranding guide.

Number 1 – The Reason
Any rebranding strategy should start with a thorough understanding of the business reason behind the rebrand. Do you need growth? Does your competition have a better marketing position and message? is your brand old and out of date? Have you recently purchased a new business or merged businesses?

There are several reasons why you should rebrand but to make sure you get the most out of you rebrand and that you’re not needlessly spending money on a rebrand it is important that you identify the reasons why you want to rebrand. Below is a list of common reasons why businesses rebrand.

• You need to compete at a higher level or in a new market.
• Your brand no longer reflects who you are.
• Your firm is spun off from an existing brand.
• You have a legal reason compelling you to change.
• You need to simplify and focus your message.
• You have a new marketing team.
• You are launching a new service line.

Number 2 – Your Customers
The next step to a successful rebrand is to identify who your customers are. This may sound a little strange given that you are already in business however your new brand must speak to the customer and it is important to understand your buyer personas so that you rebrand strategy reflects the customers wants and needs. We recommend every business conducts a buyer persona exercise such as the HubSpot buyer persona tool.

Number 3 – Brand Strategy
Now you know your customer you need to work through the important stuff. Your brand messaging and strategy. This is not just fancy marketing garb on a page, this is a deep look at who your customer is, what are your customer’s problems and what do you do to solve them. This exercise is a team exercise and we recommend you use the Donald Miller Story Brand framework to complete your brand messaging to provide clear messaging that your customers can understand and relate to.

Number 4 – Creative Design
Let the fun begin and it is at this point that we are ready to get creative and involve the creative designers. The creative design team will build a brief from the work and answers arrived at from points 1 -3 and use this information to establish a design brief. From here the creative team will develop a brand storyboard, logo and brand concepts and then move on to final brand designs which will include a full brand manual covering all aspects of your brand and messaging for your business.

Number 5 – Brand Rollout
Once the brand manual, logos, the livery has been created we are ready to roll out the branding across all the companies’ media, from buildings to vehicles, websites and stationery. This is often a daunting task but with the help of experienced roll out a company, this doesn’t have to be an issue for you.

There are many options to consider when choosing a company to rebrand your business and if you would like further help or assistance with this please be free to get in contact at or alternative if you want to have a discussion over the phone please call 0800 753583.

Or if you would rather check out other options, we have compiled a list of other reputable companies that can help you create and delivery your rebrand project.

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The Rebranding Process

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A guide on the rebranding process.
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