No one denies that the world of retail is changing and my questions to all retailers out there is are you changing too? Times gone by great companies have sat on the fence too long and watch the change happen around them and woken up too late and found themselves on the wrong side, Kodak springs to mind!

In this article, we look at what the future of retail looks like and what you can do make sure that you are changing with the times.

Retail experience expert Micah Solomon discusses some very interesting and thought-provoking trends and ideas on what the future of retail will look like.

The Consumer & what it wants:

The driving force behind change is the consumer, they are the ones that force us to deliver and retailers must adapt to the changing needs of the consumer. The world of online is by no means perfect and all studies have pointed to a future of mixed online and 3D retail environments. Humans will always be humans and the convenience and speed of online will never replace the emotional side of the consumers buying behavior, the consumers who want to touch and smell their new clothes etc, those who want to try on the new outfit and make sure it suits, these things can never be replaced with an online experience.

The challenge is how do we provide the consumers the speed and convenience of online retail with a brick and mortar store?

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